NeuroInfiniti Device FAQ


What is the NeuroInfiniti ?

It is an advanced diagnostic device capable of evaluating the performance of the Central Nervous System.

What do the results show?

It will reveal how your body is handling stress and what kind of pattern the brain and CNS are in compared to normal. It reveals brain wave patterns and stress patterns including heart rate variability which is widely considered the #1 indicator of health by the healthcare community.

How will that help my problem?

It gives the doctor vital information they need to understand why you are having health challenges. In order that your recommended care plan is truly tailored to treat your specific situation at the root level. This enhances your results for the long-term correction of what caused your problem in the first place. It will allow our doctors to design a care plan that helps reset the crucial balance in the Brain and Autonomic Nervous System that organizes health, healing and every function in the body while allowing your body to handle stress more appropriately.

How long does it take?

About 30 minutes

Do you feel anything?

No it is only measuring and taking readings. There is no stimulation to you.

Dr Komsky

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