I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your treatments.  Even though I am still being treated, I wanted to share with you, and others my appreciation and amazement in your techniques.

Before I began treatments, I was ALWAYS in A LOT of pain.  It was constantly in two main spots.  My left shoulder area, and my lower back.  There were just different degrees of pain, from just really hurts, to I can’t move…OR lay down…no relief or comfort.  Miserable! 

There were also other places like pins and needles in my fingers, and numbness in my left thigh.

I have a high tolerance for pain, but I had become debilitated most of the time, and tried to hide it because I am not that old.  I couldn’t wait for people to “hurry and finish” in everything I was involved with because I was in so much pain.  I could not make the bed, or do the dishes at home.  The pain was too sharp and excruciating.  Tears often came to my eyes because of the pain, and thinking it would never go away, and would probably get even worse with age.

The funny thing now is:  I do not have pain all the time.  In fact, I am not having pain at all!  I am in the middle of treatments, and not even all the way there yet.  However, I have been wondering lately why I am so much happier.  It’s because I am not in PAIN!  Nothing else has changed in my life.  Only now, I actually can sit through a movie, and actually be comfortable!  This is amazing to me.  It has been so many years since I was just “comfortable”.  I could only remember certain times that the pain was not as bad one day, but they were few and far between.  My friend reminded me that a normal person should remember times they were IN pain.  I came to remember small periods of time when I was NOT in pain, and that is not normal.  What a poor quality of life.

Thank you DR. Komsky for your techniques of healing me with the treatments in your office.  Really, I did not think any of this would work, but it did.  I hope others who are in pain will read this and you can help them also.  I really was skeptical that anyone could get me out of the arthritic and other pain I had, but now I am a true believer that we do not have to live with that pain.  What a relief!  THANK YOU!

 – Respectfully – Brooke H.


Dr. Komsky I just wanted to say thank-you for all you have done for me.

When I was referred to you by a good friend I was in so much pain and could barely walk without my legs weakening and gasping due to the pain not to mention the pain in sitting at my desk at work all day which I couldn’t do. After about 2 treatments we recognized the procedure was incorrect and you got on the telephone with my insurance company and was able to get an MRI STAT!

As it turned out different disks had deteriorated and I had spinal stenosis which my personal doctor which is an internist said it was only corrected with surgery.  WRONG!  That was at the end of September and today I can walk without flinching and gasping in pain thanks to the adjusting instrument and cox technique which stretches me.  I can also sit most of the day at work.

 I must also mention that your personality and bedside manner is a plus; once I met you I felt like I’ve known you all my life and you actually take time to explain what you are doing and answer any questions I ask.  I could ramble on how grateful I am but will end with a simple “THANK-YOU”; you have given me my life back! 

– A forever patient and friend – Brenda Gilbert


Dear Dr Komsky: 

Since my back operation #3 of three years ago nothing or no one has given me more pain relief than your outstanding professional treatments. This is after having two rods and eight screws implanted in my back, numerous pain therapy treatments including shots to my back and prescribed pain medications that I became addicted and since have stopped use of completely, due in part to your wonderful pain relieving treatments and my personal quest to not be enslaved by habitual drug use.

The combination of very warm and friendly staff and two of the greatest massage therapist I have ever experienced and your wise and thoughtful care prompted me to send you this letter to say THANKS to YOU and all YOUR  STAFF. I only wish I had met you before my back surgeon.  

– Sincerely – J. Daniel (DAN) Thornbrugh


My name is Charlie Bancroft.   I have been one of Dr Steven Komsky’s clients for 7 years now. Dr. Komsky took a guy who had multiple problems with his spine and made him functional again.  We have made tremendous progress with steady treatments, and I have complete confidence in Dr. Komsky as a professional, as a friend, and in his methods of treatment.

There is one special treatment that Dr. Komsky has conducted on me that has made the most difference by far.  It’s called the Koren Specific Treatment.  It goes beyond just diagnosing and treating normal subluxations.  This technique has the ability to zero in on what the body is saying needs to be treated the most, no matter where the problem is located.  

I was in a horrific accident in November of 2007 and received multiple injuries.  I went through a long period of recovery and rehab.  During rehab, I experienced a bizarre set of circumstances.  The head trauma caused by the accident had a caused me to stutter uncontrollably and make Tourettes-like noises.  I saw many doctors and they all did their best to treat it with medications.  I also had to see a speech therapist who literally had to help me re-train myself how to talk.  I wasn’t making much progress with the medications, as much of it was trial and error.  But then Dr Komsky decided to try the Koren Specific Treatments 3 times a week to see if we could begin making progress.  We first focused solely on the stuttering, as it was the most bothersome at the time.  Within 1 week of treatment, we noticed a change for the better, and within 2 weeks, there were significant positive changes with my stuttering.  We continued treatment and within a month I was stutter-free.  Then we began zeroing in on the Tourettes-like noises, and within a week or two of those treatments, my noises all but disappeared.  Within another month, I was 100% fluent with no noises! 

I am 100% sold on the Koren Specific technique.  So much so that now any time I have an ailment of any kind, all I have to do is tell Dr Komsky what we want to focus on, and he knows how to ask the body the right questions so as to get the right treatment using this wonderful technique.  I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Komsky and his Koren Specific Technique to anyone struggling with ailments.

– Patient  Since September 2008 – Charlie Bancroft


To Whom it May Concern:


On December 5, 2017 I was involved in a head-on auto / truck collision. As a result, I incurred a concussion as well as injury to my cervical spine. This mandated Chiropractic care by Doctor Komsky. He made spinal and body adjustments required to make me well again. I know this by reason of a current Autonomic Nervous System test performed by my Cardiologist, which indicated a measurable improvement over a previous ANS test. I owe this all to Doctor Komsky’s profound Chiropractic knowledge and competence.

Thank you Doctor K

Theresa M. B