Auto Accidents & Injuries


Based on overwhelming, irrefutable evidence, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident you will have a spinal injury. Research from the San Diego Spine Research Institute revealed that an impact as slow as 8 mph results in damages to the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, and even the cartilage of the discs) in the neck and back.  The nerves in the neck are also affected and can be stretched and strained.

The most important part to be concerned about is our brain. It gets jarred around in a minor impact but can get violently thrashed in a more severe collision which can result in a concussion and / or a “Traumatic Brain Injury.” Yes, you can sustain a traumatic brain injury even if you don’t hit your head. If not treated appropriately this can significantly affect someone’s life.

Chiropractors as spinal care specialists are properly equipped to evaluate and treat these types of injuries, a physical injury to the structures of the spine. Being involved in an automobile accident produces an excessive amount of force to your body. These are the forces that create the injuries.

We are the #1 health profession when it comes to restoring more appropriate spinal joint function and improving spinal alignment. Without spinal correction therapy and improved neurological function coordinating the healing, recovery from auto accident injuries will not be optimal. This can result in the injured parties suffering permanent damage to their body including the brain and cause chronic pain and health issues.

I have successfully managed all sorts of injuries suffered by adults and children from auto accidents since 1990. If you ever find yourself or someone you know in a situation like this, feel confident that we can help.

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Dr. Steven Komsky


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